Summit Grove
Pasadena, California

M2A designed 21 units of affordable for sale housing for developer Heritage Housing Partners in the Fair Oaks neighborhood of Pasadena. Organized around a central courtyard that opens to the street and recognizes Pasadena’s City of Gardensenvironment, the building is articulated to evoke the tradition of urban rowhouse. Brick is the primary material to establish the commitment of the developer to the community and its future revitalization. Each of the wings of the building are articulated with a different brick color, and building height to break down the scale along the street. Bay windows on the two street facades bring maximum light into the primary living spaces and provide eyes on the street in this transitional neighborhood. The 20 three bedroom and 1 two bedroom units provide substantial space for emerging or growing workforce families. A planted trellis covers the parking entrance and wraps from the façade into the courtyard, tying three divergent elements into a visual unity. The exit stair on the primary façade is enclosed in an ornamental screen that acts as a beacon to demark the entry and establish the presence of the building on the street. A rich palette of landscape allows the building to maintain the street line while providing a buffer for first floor units from the street..