Equitable Building
Hollywood, California
At one of the most recognizable intersections in the world, the Hollywood Equitable Building was built in two phases in 1929 and 1930. Over the years, the building withstood numerous "renovations, modernizations, and tenant improvements" so little original historic fabric remains on the interior or below the second floor on the exterior. 

M2A, working with the Owner, Gilmore Associates, implemented a full upgrade of the building to provide state of the art office suites within the historic envelope. Remaining historic suites and bathrooms were restored, and the lobby returned to its original location and character.

But, most importantly for the National Register Historic District, the original entry and ground floor facades were recreated and commercial activity will be restored to the ground floor. While some original drawings are available of the original facade details, substantial research was conducted into photo documentation as a basis for reconstructing the facade.