Rosslyn Hotel Apartments
Los Angeles, California

Designed by the office of John and Donald Parkinson in 1923, the 275 room Rosslyn Hotel Annex was constructed to increase the capacity of the destination Rosslyn Hotel across 5th Street at Main Street. Connected by a subterranean pedestrian tunnel the combined facility was one of the most luxurious hotels in the Los Angeles. Over the years as commerce moved west the hotel descended into an occupancy of 28 day rotation housing. The building was purchased by SRO Housing Corp in 2012 who commissioned M2A to restore the façade, primary public spaces and to bring the rooms and facilities up to contemporary standards within the historic context. Full bathrooms are added to 66 units, a kitchenette to all units and upgrades are being made for code compliant disabled access. First floor terra cotta storefronts have been restored and recreated where missing. Seismic upgrades insured the life safety of the returning resident population and 84 formerly homeless veterans. The Lobby and Second Floor public spaces were restored and a skylight to the lobby, sealed since WWII has been reopened to flood the space with natural light. The rooftop neon ROSSLYN sign, an icon in the downtown skyline, will remain and be lit for special occasions with its sister sign across the street.