City of Los Angeles, 1992 Historic Preservation Award of Excellence

Strong House
Los Angeles, California

This last remaining “Caribbean” Victorian two-story residence in the Central City was lifted in 1915 for construction of a Craftsman-style addition below and to its side. The composite three-story structure was relocated and rehabilitated for use as six one-bedroom, low income housing units. The resulting units retained the original front rooms, including built-in cabinets; two with craftsman interiors and detailing; and four with Victorian details. A new three-story craftsman style addition in the rear of the building, incorporates a second stair and the kitchens and baths of the new units. The original stones of the porch were numbered, salvaged and rebuilt in the new location. The period colors of both the Victorian and Craftsman periods were recreated on the highly decorated front porch and building. City of Los Angeles Cultural Monument No. 167 and received a 1992 Award of Excellence from the Cultural Heritage Commission.