Malaga Cove Library
Palos Verdes Estates, California

The Palos Verdes Library District concern was to develop a master plan type approach to the rehabilitation of the Malaga Cove Library, a 3-story, 20,000 SF National Register building designed by Myron Hunt. The PVLD had several programmatic issues about access, increasing computers and media materials as well as concerns about life safety. They also wanted to develop a rehabilitation and restoration plan for care taking of the building which had suffered minor alterations over the past eighty years.

The result was first a Master plan with several areas of “projects or phases”. These were fire and life safety, main library, lighting and restoration, and special little projects for improving the tower, mezzanine and periodical rooms that are under utilized.

The first of these Phases was completed in 2008. While completing the fire and life safety improvements this phase managed to remove some of the conduit alterations, provide for future lighting upgrades and create a sensitive periodical room in an under utilized former porch entry.