712 Olive
Los Angeles, California

Constructed in 1917 as the showplace Villa de Paris Department Store originally, this 6 story concrete frame 100,000 square foot structure housed the sales floors and offices for LAs premier retail facilities.

Over the past 92 years the uses have changed and the neighborhood has become known for jewelry sales and fabrication. The owners, realizing the need for increased residential capacity in the Historic Core engaged M2A to convert the upper floors for live/work lofts while maintaining the ground floor retail uses. A Central light well is to be cut into the building to create a central community accessed from all floors and the interior residences. At the perimeter of the building the units are arranged to take maximum advantage of the large windows and views into the adjacent Historic District. New rooftop duplex penthouses incorporate existing and new construction and create a central rooftop garden in addition to the 6 story central court.

The new construction responds to the historic brick and cornice patterns without replicating them, clearly maintaining the historic identity of the original building not only from within, but also from the street. High end interior finishes of marble, woodwork, glass tile, and widow systems will maintain the “spacious elegance” noted by the LA Times at the buildings opening.