The Medallion
Los Angeles, California

The Medallion, comprising a full block of downtown Los Angeles, consists of 192 residential lofts, 203,000sf of retail space and parking for 700 cars. Located at the juncture of retail, governmental and emerging residential uses, The Medallion will serve as a lynchpin in the evolution of Los Angeles’ downtown. It will also serve as a transitional element between the city’s Historic Core to the south and the new Civic structures emerging to the north. It is designed to integrate into the existing street and traffic patterns of the city and provide a one acre urban park to serve the residents, merchants and adjoining properties. The corner of 4th and Main will act as a beacon locating The Medallion within the urban landscape.

A retail floor that continues the existing street grid into the development at Los Angeles Street is located below the entire development. Atop the retail level is a podium at the Main Street level that serves as the base for the residential towers and structured parking. The podium also provides a landscaped open space where the retail and residential tenants come together with the city. Recreational amenities are located on the roof parking to enhance the residential environment.


The Medallion Phase 2

Afterer the success of the residential units in the first phase of the Medallion, the owner embarked on a new approach for the second phase; 471 units with mixed supporting commercial spaces.  Organized around pedestrian paths that reduce the scale of the urban block and tie the development back to the adjacent city, the apartment blocks each respond to a different set of cues.  Along Main and Third Streets, they pick up the scale and rhythm of the historic context and neighborhood retail spaces. Along Los Angeles Street there is a more contemporary massing and materials, while the central building brings the development together at an urban square  at the intersection of the bisecting pedestrian pathways,  Each path takes on a different landscape and material palette and each rooftop integrates community open space in response to the unique character of each building.  Primary Open space and vistas established in Phase 1 are maintained and highlighted by the form, materials and orientations of the new structures.

Buildings are designed as wood frame over a 2 story concrete podium above 2 levels of subterranean parking accessed from Los Angeles Street.