Van de Grift Place
Los Angeles, California
The nine unit development, at 15 units per acre, is designed to reflect the mixed architectural character of the historic neighborhood with detached residences, private yards, and detailing that creates a visual texture and interest throughout the site.

Due to the rise in the topography from the street, and the severe drop-off to the north, the 5 units across the rear portion of the site are substantially concealed from the street and face a common parking court and communal landscaping. The 3 units visible from the street are sited as closely as possible to conform to the image of main and secondary structures found throughout the district. Unit No. 3, in fact, is designed to resemble a carriage house. A single large duplex unit is located at the end of the driveway, and sited higher than the adjoining units to create a visual focal point to the complex. A variety of material selections, roof and window details and styles, roof, porch and balcony features, as well as colors, are mixed and matched to create nine distinct private homes.