2005 Multi-Family Affordable Housing
Project of the Year Award



Views at 270
Los Angeles, California
Located at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Western Avenue in Hollywood, this development represents a prototype mixed-use of national retail chain, Walgreens, and a local affordable housing developer, Hollywood Community Housing Corporation. 

The project incorporates 56 units of affordable family housing on a platform above Walgreens "big box" and loading facilities. The housing is designed to integrate the residents into an urban village oriented to a town green, while maintaining its connection to Sunset Boulevard to the south, and the HOLLYWOOD sign to the north. Over 50% of the units are entered from the "green" with individual entries and stoops provided to create a sense of ownership and place for the tenants. The structures are designed to a scale and articulation of townhouses which define the historic residential cores of major cities. All community facilities are also oriented to the town green to maintain an active focal point for the development.

Parking for the residents is provided in a subterranean garage, and for Walgreens in a surface lot. Careful attention was paid to the integration of Walgreens standard design components and criteria into the overall image of the complex. Pedestrian amenities provided to integrate the project into the community include a freestanding retail structure at the corner, integrated bus shelters and retail kiosks to serve the transit users of the two Rapid Bus lines and nearby Metro subway station.